Bergamo Quest

Experience Bergamo through a game

Bergamo Quest

Walk the streets of Bergamo, solve puzzles, and learn the history & culture through a truly interactive quest experience!

If you are travelling to Bergamo or just live in the city then this app is an absolute must-have. Bergamo Quest allows you to discover the hidden gems of Bergamo, learn its most hush-hushed secrets while walking the streets of the city in search of puzzles (and their answers). No more bone-dry facts! You learn about the people and their underlying motives, you learn life.

Travel Quest Game

  • Puzzles of Bergamo

    31 smart puzzles located throughout Upper and Lower cities of Bergamo

  • Available Offline

    You could explore Bergamo and play the game without Internet access.

  • Offline Map

    Bergamo Quest provides an option to download Bergamo map for your convenience.

  • Bergamo Guide

    The most fascinating way to explore Bergamo on your own or with a company.

Experience Bergamo

Experience Bergamo and have a deeper insight into its glory through the lenses of the quest game. The game will show you the city from a new angle. It will test your knowledge and wit. And one more thing: it will add some spice to your journey!

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